Thursday, May 3, 2007

Profesor Jorge is the same as Donald Yung

Last year in May I ordered a spell from Donald Yung. His website was I sent my money to his assistant Jens Johansson in Kista Sweden. I believed in him because there was a forum and he had some great reviews. After I sent in the money I have never heard from him and was forced to do some research. I found blogs and websites where hundreds of people filed complaints. I am still very very hurt over this.

Today I start this blog because I came accross a spell casting forum that has many similarities with I emailed Profesor Jorge from and and was asked to pay $1495 with Paypal, which I did. After he got the money he never responded to my 12 emails and I have not received any results whatsoever. My friend emailed him too and was asked to send $995 with Western Union to his assistant "Jens Johansson" in Kista Sweden again. Profesor Jorge is the same Person as former Donald Yung!

Here we go again. They are out to get our money again and pretent to be the best spell casters in the world.

I feel very bad for all the innocent people that will come across the and will believe their lies. I have posted a message on and it was immediately deleted.

If you come across this blog (which I hope many of you will) and you had any dealings with the following websites please write your experiences here in my blog. - Deborah - Dena - Altea - Lee Ann Profesor Jorge Profesor Jorge Sharon Notre-Dame - Isidore Bonjoko - Angel-Priestess Maria - High Spirit-Priestess Faera Priestess Samantha Venus - Josue J. Lenoir - Luther Joseph LaFortune - Gwendyth - Donald Yung - Cinthya Adriana - Gaiia - Peter Faith

They are so evil and we have to put a stop to it.

Thank you for reading and participating in my blog.